Why did we move to Cameroon?

We began to sense God’s call to the mission field as we became increasingly aware of the number of people groups who have neither heard the gospel nor read God’s word in their heart language.  As we prayed and talked to others, we had an increasing desire to be part of the solution by going.  This desire was confirmed by the incredible support and affirmation of our church and many individuals whose wisdom helped us along the way.  Our trip to Cameroon in January of 2019 further solidified that God was calling us to serve the Baka people. We’ve found this quote helpful in summarizing how our calling to Cameroon began:

The Missionary Call

An awareness of the needs of a lost world, the commands of Christ, a concern for the lost, a radical commitment to God, your church’s affirmation, blessing and commissioning, a passionate desire, the Spirit’s gifting, and an indescribable yearning that motivates beyond all understanding.

David Sills, The Missionary Call

Where are we right now?

We moved to Cameroon in July 2021 after spending the previous year learning French through Parole de Vie language school in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We will spend a little over a month in the capital, Yaoundé, so that we can adjust to life in a new country, and our kids can attend school with some other missionary kids. Then, we will move to a Baka village where we will spend the next three years.