Hi, this is Hallie. I’m going to tell you about my life in Dallas and about my birthday.

We live in a 5-plex with some other families. My favorite thing to do at our new house is color and play with my Barbies. We have movie night every Friday and we take turns picking a movie for the whole family. When it was my turn I picked Camp Cool Kids. I met a friend that lives in my neighborhood and we play together. She is moving to Papua New Guinea in January.

I also like to practice my gymnastics. I go to Nova Gymnastics every Wednesday. My favorite thing to do at gymnastics is the bars and the floor. I learned to do cartwheels and front handsprings and I practice them in our house all the time.

I go to school at UME Prep and I’m in 1st Grade. My teachers’ names are Miss Courkamp and Mrs. Villareal. My favorite part of school is recess and I like to play with Hannah.

A couple weeks ago, my Grammy and one of my cousins came to visit. We went to a trampoline park, had pizza and cake, and I got some new Barbie toys. I missed having Brynn and Addie there but I get to see them at Thanksgiving!

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Jym Gregory · October 1, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Great blog Hallie. Thanks for telling us about your life in Dallas!

Addie · October 7, 2019 at 2:27 pm

I miss you guys so much! I think about you every day, an I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving. I love you guys so much!!!!!!

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