When we wrote our last newsletter, we had recently returned from our Vision Trip to Cameroon and confirmed that God was calling us to work among the Baka people.  We were excited to begin the process of developing prayer and financial partnerships and looking forward to our move to Dallas in mid-July.  We’ve been very busy over the last several months and have made significant progress on our journey so here are a few updates about what we’ve been doing and what comes next:

Looking Back
Shortly after our trip to Cameroon, World Team finalized and approved our Personal Support Grid (PSG). Our PSG gives us an idea of how much we need to raise, both for our monthly budget on the field and for our one-time outgoing expenses. While the numbers seemed daunting at first, we began praying that God would provide 100 prayer partners and 100% of our monthly need before we left for Dallas in July. We enjoyed meeting with so many friends and family to talk about what God has called us to and were encouraged by the number of people who responded with a commitment to join us through prayer and financial support. We are excited to let you know that God has answered those prayers by bringing us over 150 prayer partners and 100% of our monthly need! Additionally, many people have partnered with us on a one-time basis providing a good start to our one-time outgoing expense. From the beginning of this process almost two years ago to today, God has answered prayer and overcome every perceived obstacle, no matter how big or small. We are grateful for all of you who have come alongside us in prayer and/or financial support and we praise God for the way he has been at work throughout this process.

Looking Ahead

Even though we’ve been in this process for almost two years, everyday life has stayed pretty much the same for our family.  That is about to change!  Chris’ last day of work at LifePoint was Thursday (June 27) and in just two short weeks, we will pack up a moving truck and head to Dallas, TX for linguistics school.  In the meantime, we will take a family vacation to Colorado and then begin the task of sorting through our belongings to determine what needs to go away, what needs to go into storage, and what needs to go to Dallas.  We’re excited to take this next step in our journey but sad to begin saying good-byes to our family, friends, and church. As we take the first really big step in the journey, we will begin to send out newsletters on a more consistent basis.  In addtion, you can check out www.bibleforthebaka.com for regular updates on our family and ministry as we continue our journey to bring the Bible to the Baka people.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for…
1. Our upcoming move to Dallas and that we get connected to a new church
2. Our kids as they adjust to being away from friends and family and to new schools
3. Our training as we prepare for our ministry to the Baka people

Chris & Rachel

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