Life in Cameroon

Life in Cameroon is a lot different than life in America!  Our ministry will take us to a remote village where we will live among the Baka people.  Life in these villages is difficult and will be a major adjustment for our family.  We are praying that God will use this experience to make us rely on him to provide for and sustain us as we adjust to a new way of life.  Our desire is to be obedient to God’s call and trust that he will give us the strength to take on a task that is beyond our capabilities.

Key Facts  

Unreached People Group: Baka
Location: Southeast Cameroon
Population: 52,000
Evangelical: 1.10 %
Claim Christianity: 30%

Baka Church Service

Pray for the Baka People

  • Pray for the existing Baka church and the World Team missionaries who are involved in planting reproducing churches.
  • Pray that the Baka people would be motivated to learn to read their language.
  • Pray that the existing Baka believers would be bold in sharing their faith with their neighbors.