It has been one month since we arrived in Texas to attend the linguistics school in Dallas. We certainly arrived at the hottest time of the year! Everyone is adjusting well and we are so thankful for all the prayers for a smooth transition.

Chris and Rachel are both taking classes at Dallas International University (DIU). Chris is part of a dual-degree program between Southern Seminary and DIU. He will eventually graduate with an MDiv in Missions and Bible Translation and a Masters in Applied Linguistics. Having completed most of his seminary classes, he is now focusing on the linguistic classes here at DIU. He is currently taking Principles of Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics and Principles of Grammatical Analysis. The phonetics class focuses on training students to hear and pronounce sounds that we aren’t used to in English.  The grammar class provides an introduction to analyzing and describing the way different languages around the world work. Rachel is planning to work on literacy with the Baka people so she is taking some prerequisites for the literacy megacourse. Currently she is halfway through her first class, Language and Society. This class is an introduction to sociolinguistics, which is the study of how societies influence language. She is especially excited to be doing her capstone project with her fellow teammate, Ashley Trenery. Ashley is also going to work with World Team in Cameroon! Together they will complete a project about the Baka people.  This Friday, Rachel will add a second class called Language Structures.

While Chris and Rachel attend class 5 days a week, the kids have been enjoying the programs on campus for kids.  Ava and Hallie attend a summer camp for elementary age students.  They get to play outside, swim, cook, play games, do crafts, and watch movies.  Their favorite day was July 25 when they celebrated Christmas in July complete with a white elephant gift exchange!  Joshua is enjoying his preschool class as well.  He is such a big boy following the rules and learning new things each week!  Joshua especially loves singing, painting, and swimming.  He also gets to bring in a toy each week for show-and-tell.  The kids have transitioned even better than we expected, which is a huge answer to prayer!  Ava and Hallie begin school next week and we will continue to pray for smooth transitions.

Prayer Requests
Please pray…
1. For our kids as they begin a new school that the things we are learning in class will help prepare us to learn new languages
2. That we would have wisdom and patience as we parent our children through these big life changes
3. That God would prepare the hearts of the Baka and that they would desire to hear his Word in their own language
4. That the Baka would be motivated to learn to read and write their language in preparation for the Bible translation project
Thank you for all your prayers! We greatly appreciate them!
Chris & Rachel
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Ashley Newton · August 14, 2019 at 11:54 pm

I am so glad you are all adjusting well in Dallas !! Although we miss Hallies sweet face I know she will do great things in Africa ! We are praying for you !!

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